Album: As The Crow Flies

My debut album is out now and you can purchase the digital format on my Bandcamp page or stream wherever you listen to music.

As The Crow Flies was written while on a three-month long trek, boondocking through the western parts of the United States in the summer of 2020. The journey brought us face to face with wildlife in the backcountry of Yellowstone, hiking glaciers in Northern Montana, and finding the quietest places in the rainforest of the Pacific-Northwest.

Over the course of our trip I collected countless hours of field recordings, compositions, and ideas evoking the surrounding moods of the many natural and unnatural landscapes during our journey.


released April 2, 2021 

produced by teddy roberts and pat benson
recorded, mixed, and mastered by marc jacob hudson

pat benson: acoustic and electric guitars, bass, synthesizers, organ, and sampling 
teddy roberts: drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, cello, piano 
marc jacob hudson: upright bass, synthesizers 
brent allen: pedal steel 

album artwork by dana cama

A Lake Made of Turquoise b/w The Valley of the Coyote

A Lake Made of Turquoise utilizes field recordings from Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada with improvised electric guitar, effects processing, and synthesizers while The Valley of the Coyote captures Elk bugles in a valley south of Banff in the Colorado Rockies with other ambience and sounds mixed in from both places


released August 7, 2020 

Recorded by Patrick Benson | June 2019 – March 2020 
Mixed and Mastered by Marc Jacob Hudson. 
Photographs by Dana Cama with layout & design by Nina Hazen.

Track: Isolation Rainfall

Recorded on March 14, 2020, all instrumentation was improvised while listening to the first sounds of rain in many months while on my front porch, a sound we don’t hear much of in Los Angeles. 

Instruments: Soma Synths Lyra 8, Roland Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer, Model D, Cyclone Analogic TT-78


released March 29, 2020 
recorded, produced, and mixed by Pat Benson. 
mastered by Max Epstein

photograph by Daniel Frazier


Track: Kananaskis

KANANASKIS is influenced by the park system situated west of Calgary, Alberta in the Northern Canadian Rockies. With his debut track, Patrick Benson creates a dark soundscape that reflects time spent inside a vast natural surrounding. Utilizing live guitar and effects processing, looping, synthesizers, field recordings and other instrumentation to convey the feeling of change amidst beauty and darknes


released November 8, 2019 
written, recorded, and produced by Patrick Benson 
mixed & mastered by Max Epstein 
photograph by Dana Cama

video by Nate Benson