Field Recording: Muwu Waves

This was my first recording with these new Oktava microphones. It will be interesting to hear how these sound in more outdoor environments as they typically sound best in my studio or indoors.

What I like about this recording is that you can hear the subtle sounds of the sand crackling as the tides wash back into the sea. It’s a sound I hadn’t really paid close attention too before capturing this recording. I think for next time I will try and get a pair of smaller mics closer to the sand to better capture that sound.

the gear:

Oktava MK012 microphones setup in ortf configuration, recorded into a Sound Devices MixPre-6 field recorder.

Recorded 3/6/21 at Point Magu State Park Beach near Port Hueneme, California. 

Collection: First Light

First light is a collection of two field recordings both capturing dawn chorus – one from a campsite at Yellowstone national park in Wyoming and the other a nature preserve in Idaho during the summer months of twenty twenty. 

I encourage anyone interested to use these recordings for their own music or sample any sounds they want to.


released December 14, 2020 

Both tracks were recorded using a Sony PCM100 field recorder
Mixed & Mastered by Pat Benson
Photograph by Dana Cama

disclaimer: quality headphones recommended for easy listening

A Lake Made of Turquoise b/w The Valley of the Coyote

A Lake Made of Turquoise utilizes field recordings from Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada with improvised electric guitar, effects processing, and synthesizers while The Valley of the Coyote captures Elk bugles in a valley south of Banff in the Colorado Rockies with other ambience and sounds mixed in from both places


released August 7, 2020 

Recorded by Patrick Benson | June 2019 – March 2020 
Mixed and Mastered by Marc Jacob Hudson. 
Photographs by Dana Cama with layout & design by Nina Hazen.